Christopher Marble



C.H. Robinson


Intermodal Campaign


Creative Direction

Art Direction

Photo/Video Direction

Graphic Design


AdScore Advertising Excellence Award

C.H. Robinson wanted to be recognized as a powerful logistics service company with a wide breadth of transportation modes rather than merely a truckload company or freight broker.

This campaign was created to not only show that intermodal capacity options add flexibility to a good supply chain strategy, but also to highlight a recent purchase of 800 intermodal containers.

While the containers were being painted, I had a few weeks’ time to coordinate photo and video shoots. We had one chance to shoot all 800 containers before they would be shipped from California to the rest of the U.S. and separated.

I was able to quickly contact and vet photographers (still, video, and aerial), coordinate with internal stakeholders and BNSF rail representatives, interview internal intermodal experts, and create shot lists and storyboards for multiple photo and video shoots.

Even a kid knows that flexibility gives options.

With the footage captured at the freight yard in California, aerial footage shot in the Mojave Desert, and new footage taken in Minnesota, the final capabilities video was crafted.

Highlights from the Mojave Desert shoot.