Christopher Marble




C.H. Robinson


Internal Tagline Rollout


Creative Direction

Art Direction

Photo/Video Direction

Graphic Design

As C.H. Robinson was developing its new tagline, “Accelerate Your Advantage,” it wanted to first generate excitement, educate, and increase long-term adoption rates with its 10,000 global employees.

To reflect the energy of the messaging and get the branch network’s attention, the tagline launch items emphasized its seldom-used orange color. For a company that prided itself on its corporate blue, this was a huge shift.

The internal announcement by the CEO.

To get the campaign started, a kickoff video featuring the CEO was created and launched via the company’s intranet site.

To continue the momentum, a series of video interviews were coordinated with branch advocates, and footage was captured in several of C.H. Robinson’s U.S. locations, as well as Asia and Europe.

Internal tagline advocate videos were used to build excitement.

Tagline swag in the distinctive Accelerate Orange.

Each C.H. Robinson branch manager received a kit containing resource guides, promotional items, and a poster that employees were encouraged to sign. The signed posters were used in internal communications.

A direct mail piece was sent to all branch employees just before the tagline was launched externally to act as a messaging cheat sheet. To add interactivity and fun, the mailer could be converted into a trio of toys.

Hype video for the Global Managers Meeting.

The tagline was used as the theme for the C.H. Robinson Global Managers Meeting, which takes place every three years and includes over 500 directors and managers as attendees.

Branch adoption rates were extremely high. As a result several branch locations asked to paint their blue offices orange in honor of the internal campaign color.