Christopher Marble



C.H. Robinson


Food & Beverage Campaign


Creative Direction

Art Direction

Photo/Video Direction

Graphic Design


TMC Compass Awards:

Award of Excellence (1st)

TMC Compass Awards:

Award of Merit (2nd)

IHAF: Silver

Communicator Awards:

Award of Distinction (2nd)

Food and beverage transportation is highly specialized with many specific requirements. As a result, transportation capacity can be hard to find for food and beverage shippers.

C.H. Robinson, a global transportation and logistics company, wanted to highlight how its deep food and beverage transportation expertise could benefit its customers.

The resulting campaigns showed that C.H. Robinson excelled at this type of transportation and that it perceived its customers’ commodities as things of high value, while avoiding trite transportation imagery found in most trade publications.

Fresh Fashion

Just like fashion changes with the seasons and is of the moment, C.H. Robinson makes it easy for shippers to be on top of the latest trends with quality that never goes out of style.

Fresh, Frozen, and Floral

Other concerns for shippers are speed to market, access to temperature-controlled capacity, and their deliveries arriving fresh. The refrigerator/freezer concept provided flexibility, allowing the campaign to extend to a number of different verticals.