Christopher Marble




Best Buy


Black November Style Guide


Art Direction

Graphic Design

Black Friday is not a day on a calendar, it’s a month-long event that every red-blooded, deal-seeking gift giver looks forward to. Every retailer puts its best foot (and deals) forward for the world to see. Best Buy needed to stand out from the crowd and convince customers to shop all November long.

To sustain the shopping excitement throughout the month of November, multiple “mini-events” were created. Distinctive elements were added for variety.

Along with a set of icons representing deal-finding excitement, a small exclamatory phrase was added to each sales event to give extra character and spark a chuckle.

Each event crossed various channels, from emails to digital banners to Leading with strong promotional language to capture the attention of the deal-seekers, product images were used sparingly, both to increase customer curiosity (driving click-throughs), and allow Best Buy the flexibility to create offers in reaction to the marketplace in real time.

This led to a successful season that became the number one Black November sales period in Best Buy sales history up to that point. Highlights included a day with over $300 million in online sales, and a weekend with over $500 million in online sales.